Listen, Share, Remember, Hope. 

St. Catherine's Wheel pottery hopes to share stories, spark dialogue, and inspire meaning-making through art, craft, and material by engaging deeply in the ceramic process.  

Inspired by the story of St. Catherine of Alexandria, the patron saint of artisans who work on a wheel, St. Catherine's Wheel calls for reconciliation in clay vessels. St. Catherine's symbol is a pinwheel, what has come to be known as a "catherine wheel," recalling the legend that Catherine of Alexandria shattered the wheel on which she was to be martyred. The mark evokes peace in the midst of turmoil, love in the face of violence.

I make my glazes and take great care in the materials I use. Just as my materials are important, I believe the objects we use in daily rituals shape our imaginations. Meaning is material. May the work you find here invite you to listen, share, remember, and hope.

– Sally Ann McKinsey Sisk, ceramic artist

Sally Ann McKinsey Sisk has been working in clay for over 10 years. She has exhibited nationally and has taught ceramics workshops throughout the Southeast. Sally Ann grew up in Aiken, SC and received a Bachelor of Arts in Art from Furman University in 2010. She lives and works in Richmond, VA with a studio at Shockoe Bottom Clay Gallery and Studios. You can also explore Sally Ann's work at mckinseysisk.com.